wrong blog.
message me for my new url.
this one’s gonna be pretty inactive.

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i remade.
message me for my new url.
i still post about extreme band and shit.

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If you want to follow my new blog, message me for the URL.
I promise I’ll actually respond to your message unlike how I’ve ignored you all the past few months (srry btw I’m trying not to be shitty anymore)

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I think I’m just going to remake. I’m fucking sick of tumblr. But some of you are really great and I don’t want to say bye. And college can get boring sometimes.

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Kind of thinking about deleting my blog. Idk.

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At BD in the lot, they were like “D to F guys” and I was like “yeah, I’m DTF ;)”

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I now understand why everyone loves the san antonio regional.

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